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By federal definition, supported employment is paid employment, in an integrated setting, with on-going support provided over the long-term.


Sometimes job coaches are available.  A job coach is a person, usually supplied by an agency that provides specialized on-site training to employees.  A job coach will help an employee to learn to perform his/her job accurately, efficiently and safely. 


In many cases, the job coach may also help the employee get to know his/her work environment better.


What do Job Coaches do?


Typical job choach duties include:


- Assisting a person to develop a list of interests and potential skills


- Analyze jobs at work sites in order to match people with the right type of positions


- Provides one-on-one training on a job site


- Provides job retention services to employers and people with disabilities


The job coach's level of involvement with the employee should decrease over time - as the employee masters the requirements of the position, the job coach will then contact the employee and supervisor on an as-needed basis.


Below is a listing of local agencies that provide Supported Employement Services.


Please call these agencies to talk with them about your employment hopes and dreams!



The Center for Development & Rehabilitation

CCDR is an outpatient facility offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to a variety of clinical populations with central nervous system disfunction including brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, anoxic episode, electrocution, attention deficit disorder, learning disability, developmental disability, seizure disorder and dementia.


Vocational services are provided on an individualized basis with emphasis placed on returning to work as quickly as possible.  

1718 East Fourth St; Suite 702
Charlotte, NC 28204 

Phone:  704.372.5997
Fax:  704.372.2330




CNC Access / ResCare North Carolina

See CNC-Access's listing in Community Based Support Section for services provided.

803 Tyvola Road; Suite 104
Charlotte, NC 28217 Phone:  704.519.0077
Fax:  704.519.0076



Easter Seals UCP

See Easter Seals UCP's listing the Major Providers section for services provided.

10150 Mallard Creek Rd.; Suite 510
Charlotte, NC 28212 Phone:  704.333.8220



Goodwill Industries
of the
Southern Piedmont, Inc.

Assists adults with vocational barriers in gaining employment and independence through individualized services and programs.  The Goodwill helps people to expand their vocational capabilities and integrated community living opportunities.


Services provided include Adult Day Vocational Activity Program (ADVP), Community Resource Training/GAIN, Job Placement Services, Supported Employment, Vocational Services and Work adjustment training.

2122 Freedom Drive; 
Suite 104
Charlotte, NC 28208
Mailing Address
PO Box 668768,
Charlotte, NC 28266
Phone:  704.372.3434
Fax:  704.372.3228




Please see INREACH's listing under Major Providers for a list of services provided.

4425 Randolph Rd;
Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28211 Phone:  704.536.6661
Fax:  704.536.0074



LifeSpan, Inc.

Please see LifeSpan, Inc's listing in Major Providers for services provided.

200 Clanton Road
Charlotte, NC 28217 Phone:  704.944.5100
Toll Free: 877.944.7800
Fax:  704.944.5102



NC Services for the Blind

Please see NC Services for the Blind's listing in the Community Based Support Section for services provided.

5855 Executive Center Drive; Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28212

Toll Free:


Phone:  704.563.4163
Fax:  704.563.4114



Nevins Center, Inc.

Please see Nevins Center's listing in Community Based Support Section for services provided.

3523 Nevins Road
Charlotte, NC 28269 Phone:  704.569.1372
Fax:  704.598.7052



Supported Employment Training, Inc  (SET, INC.)

This agency provides on-the-job vocational training for adults with DD.  SET, INC. provides whatever level of training assistance and support the individual needs to be successful in a competitive job placement.  No fees to families.

10150 Mallard Creek Rd; Suite 150
Charlotte, NC 28262

Phone:  704.333.8220



Total Care & Concern

When supported employment services are provided at a work site in which persons without disabilities are employed, payment will be made only for the adaptations, supervision and training required by individuals receiving waivers services as a result of their disabilities, and will not include payment for the supervisor activities rendered as a normal part of the business setting.

1428 Orchard Lake Dr
Charlotte, NC 28270 Phone:  704.321.1635
Fax:  704.321.1639





See UMAR-WMC's listing in Major Providers section for services provided.

PO Box 1558
Huntersville, NC
28070-1558 Phone: 704.875.1328  
Toll Free: 888.862.UMAR

Fax:  704.875.9276



Unique Caring Foundation

Their services include supported employment, therapeutic foster care, and community based services.

5600 Executive Center Dr; Suite 204
Charlotte, NC 28227

Phone:  704.535.0093
Alt Phone:  704.535.0604



Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services assists eligible people with disabilities to achieve gainful employment and increase their ability to live independently.  Also provides school-to-work transition services.

5501 Executive Center Dr; Suite 101
Charlotte, NC 28212 Phone:  704.568.8804



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