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If you are a student in high school or finishing high school, this page is full of information that will help you learn how to become your own best advocate in the school setting. 


Do you know what an IEP is?


An IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. Your IEP team is supposed to meet at least once a year to discuss your plan. If you are able to attend these meetings, you should! After all, they are talking about YOU! And don't you know yourself best?

The IEP is supposed to help you reach your educational goals in the best way that suits your needs. The IEP is also supposed to help teachers understand the best way to teach you.  In IEP meetings there will be a lot of talk about your disability. Do not let this get you down or make you feel bad. The reason this is discussed so much is to understand how your disability affects your learning process.

You should have IEP meetings until you finish high school. If you go on to college, the college will decide through their own system how to help you plan to meet your college goals.



Here is a GREAT document to read about IEP's called "A Student's Guide to the IEP". The Student's Guide series is written especially for student's with disabiliies.

Click HERE for
"A Student's Guide to the IEP".

selfdirected IEP

Do you want to lead your IEP meeting?


Here is a resource that can help you. It's called "What I Need to do to Self-Direct My IEP/Transition Planning Meeting"

Click HERE to check it out.


Self-Determination is defined as"...the capacity to choose and to have choices be the determination of one's own action..."


Need information about Self-Determination?  This resource is called:  "Self-Determination Handbook: A resource guide for teaching and facilitating transition and self-advocacy skills"

Click HERE to read it.


Do you want to read a story called "Whose Life is it Anyway?  How One Teenager, Her Parents, and Her Teacher View the Transition Process for a Young Person with Disabilities".

Click HERE to read it.